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Useful information about leather

One of the most often asked questions is how to take care of a Lederhosen?

Before we answer this question, we would like to give you some advise: A good and true recommendation of Bavarians is "never clean a Lederhosen"! Traces of wear are part of the individual look of traditional leather pants.

But for those, who still want to know something about the cleaning - here it is:

leather pants

Before wearing them the first time spray your leather pants with a good leather garment spray a few times. Please read carefully the instructions on the spray tin. This will protect your leather pants from water spots and dirt.

Sometimes velour and split leather will shag off a leather fuzz. This is a normal process and you do not have to worry about that - roll over the leather with a sticky roller or wipe over lightly with a soft, moistened cloth or leather rag.

Not to heavy surface dirt can be removed easily while brushing your velour or split leather pants on a regular basis with a soft suede leather brush.. So you can keep the velvety finish of your leather pants. Deep stains are very hard to remove from leather garments, because the use of cleaning chemicals will they change the chemical structure in the leather. If you still need help, go to a garment cleaner who will help you or is qualified for dry cleaning leather. But always keep in mind, that dry cleaning will cause the leather to lose some of its natural oil and dye.

So you see, you really can´t do much but you will have the same problems on all other leather materials. If you have any more questions just feel free to contact us.

But always remember: Make sure you always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Bavarian-Shopping-Mall.com cannot take any responsibilities for the accurate care of your purchased goods.

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Hints for care

In all good quality proven clothing products form Germany or Austria are small white manufacturer's labels with little symbols on it. These symbols help you how to best wash and take care of your products. Here are their meanings:

Do not wash
Wash by hand
Wash on a gentle cycle
The number in the wash basin indicates the
recommended water temperature in ºC
Machine washable
The number in the wash basin indicates the recommended water temperature in ºC
Do not iron
Do not iron at high heat
Iron at moderate heat
Iron at high heat
Do not dry clean
May be dry cleaned
The letter in the cleaning drum is a trade concept for the commercial cleaner.
Do not dry in a clothes dryer
Dry at low temperature
Dry at medium temperature

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How to measure and define sizes

This information will be interesting for you if you are planning to buy clothes. So please read this information carefully.

Ordering clothes on an viral mall might cause you as customer the first time some discomfort because as long as you can not try the piece directly on the boy or girl you might still be unsure if it fits. Bavarian-Shopping-Mall.com provides you with a large range of hints and numbers for finding easily the right size.

Here is the unisex size sheet, that helps you finding the right size:

What you definitely need is a measuring tape. You will find either tapes which have inches on one side and centimeters on the other or tapes which have both. We tried in all our size measurements to give you already both numbers - but to make it sure, try it yourself.

If you want convert from inches to centimeters, than just use this easy formula for measurement conversion: multiply the number of inches by the factor 2.54 and you get the number of centimeters.

Because most of our clothing goods are childrens` staff, our general recommendation for the small ones is: you better buy a little too large than too small. That´s for sure: children will grow.
The perfect good is here - no question - a Lederhosen. Traditional leather pants from Bavaria are a typical example for the rule, mentioned above. They can be worn for several years. Especially children's Lederhosen make the decision easy because they come with the traditional suspenders. They keep the pants from slipping, even if there is still a lot of room for your child to grow into!

Normally German sizes, which range from the sizes 80 to 174, are indicating the childrens height in centimeters. But sometimes you need a little bit more room around the waist, so just double check the size, and if the waist size leads you to the next bigger size, than take the bigger size.


If your child is about 43inches (110cm) high and around the waist about 22 to 23 inches, than take size 116. If your child is 43inches high but about 23 to 24 inches around the waist so you better take size 116 or 122 (especially if Chrismas is coming in about 2-3 months).

If you still have any questions please feel free to send us an email.

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Customer trust

In the near future we will open a customer gallery where you and your product will be displayed. Goal is, to creat trust between you, us and new visitors on our site from the world wide web ...and simply to show that e-shopping is a fun and good thing to do, when you have qualified partners.

If you have bought an article from our store, make a picture of you and your product and send it to us via email and we will display this picture in our gallery of customer trust.We will ensure, that we only display your picture, your first name and your state, like on the example below:

We bonus that picture with 8 $ per customer and purchase. So if you shopped already several times with us, you get for each order your 8 $ bonus.

The bonus will be added to your next purchase with our shop.
If you still have any questions please feel free to send us an email.

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General information

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