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The reason why... we are cheaper than the others?

The main principle of the Bavarian-shopping-mall.com online platform concept is the competitive pricing-model on all of our products. This pricing model is based on the long and fair partnership between the founders` parents` souvenir shop and it's suppliers.

The products you find here at www.bavarian-shopping-mall.com are the same you can buy in every typical souvenir or gift shop in Bavaria or all over Germany. But the big difference is, if you order them over our platform, you do not pay for the storage, for the sales people, for the name of the location, for the point of sale in the store, for the new development of supplier relationships and and and.

We also do not spend our money, time and effort on unimportant website add-ons like clubs, get-together-boards, job-links and big advertising campaigns like some of our competitors do. We will focus on the main thing: Offer our customers a highly quality oriented product-portfolio for a very good and fair price. And we will stay on that principle for now and in the future.

Finally our dealer margin can be much smaller and so you pay less for the same good. Just compare prices and we will be sure you come back to us and than we will be happy to serve you.